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July OnoManaging Partner

July Ono is a third generation Vancouverite and the eldest of four sisters. She is an entrepreneur, mentor, educator, real estate investor and the co-Founder of On The Beach Education Corporation. She is the author of her monthly newsletter “July News” which subscribers, numbering in the thousands across North America, use as a source for upcoming networking events and real estate investment opportunities. July has appeared as key note speaker to several high profile real estate conferences where she is known for her no-nonsense cut-to-the-chase street smarts. She is also the author of Your Million Dollar Network, a how-to book on networking to build relationships and is her secret weapon for attracting and raising capital. She strongly believes financial freedom is available and achievable for anyone who desires it.

July spent 20 years climbing the corporate ladder only to discover repeatedly that job security does not exist. During the 1990’s, her emotional and financial life was in shambles. Her 9 year marriage ended in divorce. Her employer let her go. She downsized from her townhouse and moved back home with her parents to live in their basement suite. The combination of legal bills and financial obligations left her $40,000 in debt. These events served as a sobering wake up call. It was the gift of adversity that created the shift from victim to commander. July spent the next 10 years recreating herself. Then in 2001, she discovered the missing link and transformed her life. Her goal was to become financially free within 10 years and accomplished it in less than 2 years.

July is a student of wealth, having invested a lot of time in real estate education and strategic networking. The best of her education experience can be found in her Fast Track to Real Estate and Power of Real Estate courses, which she created in 2005 to help entrepreneurs grasp the foundation of creating a real estate business of their own. Not only has she built rapport with her students but she has also developed strong relationships with her investors. Her unique style and focus on educating her investors to understand how real estate works truly empowers individuals to make the best financial decision for their lifestyle goals. July has taken meticulous care in building an impeccable reputation of honour and trust.


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