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Steve CainManaging Partner

Steve was born in Long Beach, California as an only son, raised by his divorced father. Steve grew up in Washington State influenced by his father’s hard work and tenacity. With 7 years of baking with his father, they built and sold 3 successful bakeries. Shortly after, Steve became manager of a wholesale bakery in Seattle. He decided to specialize in product development creating many products for their number one customer, Costco Wholesale.

Steve’s expertise caught the eye of a recruiter that took him to the state of Michigan as VP of Research and Development in a large wholesale bakery. Steve then came to Canada in 1997 to become the Co-owner of the Olafsons Baking Company. He created millions of dollars of new products each year until the company was purchased by the country’s largest wholesale bakery, Canada Bread, a division of Maple Leaf Foods. He then retired from baking in 2007. He now occasionally consults for other bakeries.

Steve is also a Rotary Club member chairing a committee to bring awareness of world peace to the local community. He created the Peace Pole Project, placing an 8’ tall peace pole inscribed with May Peace Prevail On Earth in 8 languages in the town square of Tsawwassen. Steve’s vision was that every year on Sep 21st International Day of Peace, at noon everyone would hold hands for a moment of silence for world peace. Steve plans to spend the rest of his life teaching others how to live beyond their potential, traveling the world doing real estate deals and having fun with family, friends and students. His vision includes speaking to thousands of people on subjects like world peace, feeding the hungry, environmental sustainability, personal growth and how we are all connected to each other. Steve expressed that what is needed in the world today is more tolerance, humility and most of all, love for each other. Oh yes, he is the passionate baker who makes the best bread in the world.

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